When Do You Need A New Tax Depreciation Schedule?

Tax depreciation schedules help you correctly deduct the depreciation of property assets over several years. You have the property professionally inspected — you can't do this yourself — and the schedule is then drawn up. There are limited times when you need to get a new schedule, including when you sell or renovate the property. Working with a good tax accountant and depreciation inspection company will give you the best chances of maximising deductions over the years. Read More 

3 Smart Choices To Get Maximum Value From Public Liability Insurance For Your Marketing Business

If you run a small marketing business, you must have public liability insurance to protect your customers and employees from any on-premise injuries to avoid paying out of pocket. If an unwanted incident occurs, public liability can help protect you from going insolvent. Whether you like it or not, something can go wrong. Follow these smart choices to get maximum value from public liability insurance for your marketing business. Plan Coverage For All Aspects Of Your Business Read More 

Government Help With Childcare Costs: Advice For Parents

Like parents in many other parts of the world, Australians must contend with increasing childcare costs, and the problem is worse in some parts of the country. For example, a 2014 report showed that childcare costs in Sydney have increased 150 percent since 2003. In fact, Sydney residents generally pay more than the national average. In many cases, childcare costs increase because of strong demand and a lack of available places. Read More