Four Reasons You Need a Quantity Surveyor Along With Your Regular Accountant

If you are a property investor or anyone who owns income-producing property, you may want to hire a quantity surveyor in addition to your regular accountant. Wondering why it might be essential to have both of these professionals in your corner? Take a look at these facts. 1. Deductions on Income-Producing Properties Can Be Valuable If you own investment properties and certain other types of assets, the Australian Taxation Office allows you to claim a deduction based on the depreciation of that asset. Read More 

How to Reduce Your Down Payment Requirement When Taking Out a Migrant Mortgage

Borrowing money to buy a home when you are a migrant can be challenging, but it is not impossible. In most cases, migrant mortgage lenders require the buyer to pay a substantial down payment—but there are ways to reduce that burden. If you have migrated to Australia and are trying to get a mortgage without a large down payment, take a look at these ideas: 1. Make your residency as permanent as possible Read More